Born and raised in Belgium, Fabiola’s lifelong passion for design led her to open her interior design firm in Washington, D.C. in 1998. Her extensive portfolio includes timeless, sophisticated interiors created in a broad variety of settings; ranging from classical formal residences, to more causal living environments, to paired down urban spaces.

Fabiola masters a diverse palette of styles distinguished by her combined American and European sensibilities. She is deeply committed to ensuring that her clients connect with their living spaces by taking the time to understand their desired lifestyles and objectives. Her goal is to help them achieve their own unique sense of style. The result appears effortless, though exquisitely sophisticated.

Fabiola believes that good interior design flows from a harmonious dialogue between the architecture of the space and the people who live in it. Hallmarks of her work include the creation of bespoke pieces, specially designed for individual clients, and subtle unpredictability.

Fabiola surrounds herself with a carefully chosen team and the finest artisans in the field. In addition to her vast experience in design Fabiola holds two law degrees. Her legal training has given her a strong understanding of budget, careful planning, diligence, and communication with her clients. She brings clarity and structure to the design process.


Kim’s creative talent started with a career in fashion where she held a management position with a well known design company. Her passion for textiles evolved in pursuing a career in interior design. Kim gets things done, she is an excellent communicator and possesses a high skill level of drafting and space planning. She has an excellent eye for color, texture, and detail.


Allison dabbled in interior design while attending High Point University. Her time spent at High Point Furniture Markets coupled with multiple design and visual merchandising positions lead her to The Washington Design Center. After her experience working at a British textile company, Allison transitioned into her current role with Fabiola Martens Interior Design.